RIM patents “Hybrid” slider keyboard with trackball

RIM is at it again. We first published the “touchscreen with LCD” patent a few weeks ago, now it seems that Research in Motion has filed another unique devise this time described as a “Hybrid portrait-landscape handheld device with trackball navigation and hide-away keyboard”.

RIM patents BlackBerry “Hybrid” slider with trackball

The “Hybrid” has different options as it looks like it is going to be a slider smartphone. The first is named “landscape orientation” because the width is larger than its height. You will see it comes with an exposed QWERTY keyboard that the user can inputting data, draft and send emails.

The other option is named the “portrait orientation” as the device will be positioned that its height is larger than its width. The keyboard is hidden and the user would use for making and receiving telephone calls, reading documents and emails.

One really cool aspect is that the “hybrid” detects which “orientation” is in use and modifies the elements on the display screen so they are presented correctly.