Bell HTC Touch – now available in White!

HTC Touch - now available in White - MobileSyrup.com
Bell has just released the new HTC Touch and it is a stellar heaven like color of white. This is even faster than our friends at Verizon Wireless in the US. The price plans are for:

3 Year: $99.95
2 Year: $199.95
1 Year: $299.95
No Contract: $399.95

It comes loaded with the HTC TouchFlo Platform, MP3, 2.0 Camera, and Video, Internet browsing and messaging, Windows Live™ Messenger and Hotmail, 512MB microSD memory card.

You can have purchase the unlimited access with Bell Mobility mobile browser feature – this will allow you to have unlimited access to the web and E-Mail for just CAD$ 7 per month.  The “unlimited part allows you to visit popular sites like Facebook, Hotmail, Sympatico, Google Mail and Yahoo! Mail without additional charges.

More info to come when we get the devise to review.