Nokia 6275i Review


  • Laurie

    Have this phone for 3 years, but it died a software death. Turns on and then service mesage comes up… any suggestions? Sasktel no support for the phones they sell only buy an new one.

    Pros:This phone is good enough I am considering getting it fixed and resetting an old basic till it comes back. As effective as my hubby's smart phone and smaller and light; great camera with flash and video; synchronizes smoothly with MS Outlook for addresses (rare option for phones), calendar etc.: tough plastic body and screen; able to erase programs and options don't want (games) to gain more space: lots of preloaded choices plus down load with computer cable (buy separate)

    Cons:it uses the smaller 2.5 mm fixtures which are a pain to find but once you have them great.

    Nokia phone care moved past this phone quickly on their site.

    I did not get a 2 g card as I bought when 1st released but holds four songs

  • Justin Zubko

    lol old