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Twitter launches a version of Vine just for kids

Twitter-owned Vine wants to let your children in on the 6-second looping video craze without exposing them to the seamy underbelly of the world of internet video. The company today…

Why Uber’s new between fare insurance won’t work in Canada

One of the biggest criticisms plaguing Uber is that of driver insurance. The company has long maintained that its insurance policy covers drivers, but the periods during which Uber’s insurance covers drivers…

OnePlus announces new name for custom Lollipop ROM

OnePlus one reiterated plans to release its own custom ROM Last December, after its falling out with Cyanogen Inc, OnePlus One reiterated its plans to release its own custom ROM….

Jolla launches Indiegogo campaign for 64GB Sailfish tablet

Back in November, Finland-based Jolla launched an Indieogo fund for a new device that it called “the first people-powered tablet.” Running Sailfish 2.0, this tablet packed a 7.85-inch (2048 x…

Otterbox debuts new Resurgence power case for iPhone 6

Otterbox has announced its own version of the iPhone 6 battery case, the Resurgence, with a 2650mAh battery and four handsome colours. Though every accessory manufacturer, from Mophie to Griffin,…

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