Netflix now has more than 75 million subscribers worldwide

Patrick O'Rourke

January 20, 2016 7:30am

Likely due in part to its recent expansion into 130 new regions, according to Netflix’s earnings report today, the company has amassed 5.59 million new subscribers since October, amounting to a total of 75 million users worldwide.

“Our quarter‐end 74.76 million members put us at over 17 million net additions for the year, showing how much the world is embracing Internet TV,” said Netflix’s CFO, David Wells, and CEO, Reed Hastings, during the company’s recently released investor’s report.

The streaming service plans to boost the amount of original content it releases by 33 percent this year, and says that in 2016, 600 hours of original programming will be released, amount to a budget of $6 billion USD. In comparison, 450 hours of original programming was released in 2015.

Netflix also says it has plans to add 1.56 million new U.S. streaming subscribers and 4.04 million subscribers internationally for the quarter, which narrowly misses the company’s goal of 1.65 million subscribers in the U.S. and 3.5 million internationally in Q4.

Netflix’s shares jumped as much as 10 percent in after-hours trading following the release of Netflix’s Q4 results.

SourceThe Verge
  • Rey

    What phone is that in the picture above?

    • manpreet singh

      n6p or 5x , looking at the size probably 6p

    • It’s the Nexus 6P!

  • Elton Bello

    Biggest tv channel ever

  • GPman

    Well crap. 74,999,999 subscribers when I leave from their soon proxy/VPN blocking doesn’t sound very threatening to their bottom line. 🙁

    • Ipse

      Was about to post EXACTLY the same. I know it’s the movie industry that forces the move, but Netflix is big enough now to stand up to them and push for global distribution rights.

  • Abel

    How is 5.6 (1.56 + 4.04) mill “narrowing missing” 5.15 (1.65 + 3.5) mill?

    (I guess, technically speaking, going over a projected target is also missing, but that’s not the general use of that word, or what it implies when used in this context).