Opera for Android hits v15 based on Chromium 28, improves startup time and adds video downloads

Daniel Bader

July 10, 2013 12:11pm

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Opera recently overhauled the design and functionality of its mainstream Android browser, removing the ‘Mobile’ moniker and adhering more stringently to modern design conventions.

In its most recent update, the company, which began basing its mobile browser on Google’s Chromium project, has updated the core codebase to Chromium 28, which has great HTML5 support and speedy Javascript and CSS capabilities.

Opera 15 improves startup time and animation smoothness in addition to adding the ability to download videos (and set a download location). The video download abilities should give it an edge over the stock browser and Google Chrome, and the Discover tab next to the Speed Dial gives you an overview of the latest news from your area.

Opera still has a branding issue: Google Chrome, which is far more widely used in the desktop space, is preinstalled on most modern Android devices alongside the stock browser. Downloading Opera, or any one of the well-known third party alternatives like Dolphin or Maxthon, is just not that necessary anymore.

The Norwegian company continues to iterate, and reevaluate, its space in the mobile browsing game. While still the most popular browser by far on feature phones and low-end smartphone, it hasn’t quite hit its mark in the mid- and high-end space. This release is unlikely to change that, but it’s a great alternative to what’s already out there.

Download Opera browser for Android.

Source: Google Play
Via: Android Police

  • monsterduc1000

    You mention Chrome as an alternative…Except for the fact that Chrome IS STILL laggy when you scroll and I have found the stock browser on my Note II is still better due to the fact of being flash compatible and just as quick.