PC Mobile launching Postpaid services and smartphones June 5th

Ian Hardy

May 27, 2013 11:31am

When Loblaw launched “The Mobile Shop” in select grocery stores back in 2011 the company aimed to be Canada’s largest third party mobile phone retailer by 2013. Their strategy was to bring a number of carrier brands under one roof and sell phones and prepaid/postpaid plans (TELUS, Koodo, Rogers, Fido, Virgin, Bell, Public Mobile, Solo and WIND Mobile).

In addition, The Mobile Shop also sells their own prepaid services under the “PC Mobile” brand. When The Mobile Shop launched I remember speaking with Maria Forlini, SVP at PC Telecom, and she stated that “we are serious about this and are in it for the long haul.” Seems like they’re digging in and getting serious now. On June 5th, PC Mobile will expand past the Prepaid market and enter the Postpaid business.

The finer details are sparse, but the brand will be powered by TELUS’ network (HSPA+ and LTE). The structure will be similar to Koodo’s Tab System where customers can sign up on a contract and pay a certain dollar amount up front with a declining balance. As for the contact length, we’re hearing PC Mobile will have either 1-year, 1.5-year or 2-year contract lengths. There will also be a small selection of monthly rate plans, starting off at $35/month and topping out at $60 (no word yet on the details of the plans).

According to an internal doc we received it shows that PC will bring the following devices and prices (SIM, microSIM and nano SIM cards are all $10 each):
– Samsung Galaxy S4 in Black ($625)
– BlackBerry Q10 in Black ($625)
– LG Nexus 4 ($400)
– Samsung Galaxy SII X in Black ($300)
– Samsung Galaxy Ace IIx in Black ($180)
– Nokia Lumia 520 ($180)

There’s still a bunch of unknown information. Coverage area will be TELUS’ network so they’ll reach majority of Canada. In addition, no word on the extra costs such as voice mail, caller ID, data, roaming, etc. However, it sure looks like PC Mobile is changing their brand strategy and aiming to accomplish their bigger goal.

(Thanks tipster!)

  • disqus_kCPMN1BEYg

    Telus is putting more pressure on Wind.

    • Joeyjoejoeshabadooo

      I hate that it’s true… and that my level of service with wind is so bad that I might try it… and that my level of service with mobilicity was so bad that I went to wind…

  • barrist

    Hmm will take a look at how they compare to Koodo, which I’m on right now. Helps that my iPhone is Telus locked.

    • silver_arrow

      Yeah you wouldn’t need to get it unlocked as it is the same network, though you should if you leave telus

  • silver_arrow

    Now how about Telus offering 1, 1.5 and 2 year contracts and all of their phones not just some of them

  • rgl168

    PC Mobile has partnered with Bell for the existing services, so I would have thought they would have went with Bell with postpaid also.

    Well, let’s see what they will bring when it comes to pricing and services.

    • Joeyjoejoeshabadooo

      If a dollar of my money would go to bell I would never EVER consider PC post paid

    • rgl168

      Well I guess you won’t have to worry about that now.

      Here’s another potential issue: for those who are on existing PC prepaid service (hence using Bell-locked phones), and supposed they want to convert over to postpaid and BYOD their current phones over… oops.

  • Scott Towe

    Any newer telus phone will work on the Koodo network with out unlocking it!!

  • Victor T Li

    If that’s the no-contract price for the phones, I might pick up a Lumia 520 for my dad.

    • jlm

      you’d be better off buying from koodo @ $150

  • Davidyyz

    I’m pretty sure the wholesale rates that the Big 3 charge would prevent any MVNO from being a serious threat. I don’t see anything game changing coming out from this, but I’m hoping to be surprised.

  • lorax1284

    I’m on a pretty decent plan with Virgin Mobile, but they aren’t trying at all to retain my business:making me buy a BB Z10 outright because I’d lose my plan if I go on contract… so I’m keen to jump ship if it means I’ll save a few bucks a month and have a competitive plan. Come on, Loblaw!

  • K-LEB

    Loblaws/ PC Mobile decided to partner with Telus due to their standards and the values they stand for, not to mention they’re usually the first to set promos.

  • disqussucks

    If I could save on groceries at loblaws and get a good plan, I would switch

  • peshe3658

    Sadly this is probably $60 for 500mb of data, unlimited texting and 500 minuites, but I hope I am plesently surprised when the official feature list is available.

  • KoalaMeatPie

    Wait, what? PC is Bell. They killed/are killing SOLO only to bring up PC?

  • barrist