Carbon App Sync and Backup out of beta, available now on Google Play

Daniel Bader

January 31, 2013 7:04am

Just like that, Koush’s Carbon backup app has grown out of its beta status and is now available on Google Play. The cloud-based app backup suite allows Premium users to back up apps and app data to Dropbox, Box or Google Drive and restore it to another device quickly and painlessly. Free users can back up to a PC or microSD card.

For root users, Carbon is all device-based: just open the app, select your cloud provider and you’re good to go. For non-root users, which will likely be the majority, a PC app is require to facilitate the backup process.

Carbon App Sync and Backup is available in both free and paid versions. The former has heavy feature restrictions, but it’s still a quality product; the paid version costs $5.03CDN and, even with its steep price, is a great investment.

Download Carbon App Sync and Backup for Android – (Free / Premium)

Via: Android Central

  • The Ryan

    Is he going to support it better than he did ROM Manager? $5.99 for a broken app and no support is not acceptable.

  • Simian

    I wonder how complete a backup it is… Say I run full backup of stock 4.2.1 and then flash to CM10.1, could I use the backup to restore the system to previous after re-flashing it back stock?

    • monsterduc1000

      @Simian: I doubt it will be that extensive. You will have to use nandroid backup in a custom recovery such as Clockwork Mod or Twrp to do that. You could probably use this app to store that backup to the cloud storage of your choice though, but not flash it directly to your device.

  • corks

    Doesn’t work on Motorolas…fantastic

  • Frank

    Price is to steep as of this early. Is there a free app that allows back up to android phone?

  • winder

    Important to note the free one does allow you to backup to dropbox, just not restore from dropbox

  • ELNY

    I wonder what the differences between this and the old and trusty Titanium Backup Pro are? If any?

  • kayn

    Why couldn’t this happen two days ago before I purchased MyBackup Pro? Which, in my opinion after using it, is not worth the $5 price tag it comes with.