Microsoft looking to Q2 2012 for Tango release, next version of Windows Phone

Daniel Bader

December 28, 2011 9:42am

Most Windows Phones have received the update to Mango, bringing multitasking and improved performance, so now we’re looking to the next update in Tango and then Apollo.

A leaked Microsoft document from October is stating that Tango will be released first, sometime in mid-2012, with Apollo following closely afterwards in Q4.

As for Tango, it’s meant to open up the platform to cheaper handsets, allowing vendors like Nokia to debut low-cost Windows Phones with smaller screen resolutions and slower chipsets to compete with the proliferation of Android devices devouring the market. Tango should also bring NFC support to new Windows Phone devices.

Apollo should follow afterwards for the higher-end market, presumably bringing full-scale LTE support to the OS along with higher-resolution displays. Also in tow is better business and enterprise support. At the moment, all Windows Phone devices are limited to a 480×800 pixel display resolution, which was fine in late 2010 but is nudging up against limitation now.

While the release schedules may not be set in stone, we have a good indication that the update cycle for Windows Phone is not slowing down any time soon, and that existing owners should receive the new versions for at least two more cycles.

Source: WMPoweruser
Via: The Verge

  • bob

    I don’t think Microsoft should allow anything lower than 800×480. This should be the norm for low end phones now.

    • Mark

      Agreed.. But why do you mention that, did they say something about using a lower resolution?

    • gjac0m

      @Mark Have you read the article?

  • freestaterocker

    Smaller devices, not necessarily lower res. Also, for those who have been following these update roadmap leaks (there have been several) all indications are that this is an older version. Most believe the actual arrival dates for Tango and Apollo are Q1 & Q2 respectively. As a WP7 user and fan, I’m hoping for sooner rather than later. Also hoping the Canadian carriers will get on with the new devices… Especially Bell, who I’m currently tethered to. (and happy with so far)