webOS Twitter app Carbon coming to Windows Phone and Android

Daniel Bader

December 20, 2011 1:02pm

For the few lucky users who used Carbon on their Palm Pre or Pre 2, you’ll appreciate this little bit of news. One of the best Twitter apps on that now-defunct platform is slowly making its way to Android and Windows Phone.

dots & lines, the studio behind the original webOS app, has stated that due to the improvements made to the various SDKs in Android 4.0, they are branching out their existing Windows Phone direction and releasing their much-loved app on both platforms.

According to an email exchanged with the folks at Android Central, Carbon’s UX director Saleh Esmaeili claims:

“It was a little daunting when we first looked at Android SDKs and the lack of fluid UI design in the past, all changes with ICS. We can now benefit from animations and transitions along with lots of UI elements that can make designing a good experience possible on Android.”

Well count us excited. The app is only in its planning phase right now, so the Windows Phone version should reach the market first. Either way, we’re glad to know the fine folks behind Carbon are not slowing down.

Source: Android Central

  • Jids

    They should turn this into a tablet version for the TouchPad!

    • Travis

      same developers made the app Graphite for the TouchPad for twitter, check it out, works awesome!

    • Adam mcnutt

      The touchpad version is called Graphite.

  • Alex Perrier

    i’ve used Spaz HD for the TouchPad. Never tried Carbon.

  • Paul

    I thought the platform wasn’t defunct, but made open source?

  • Diana Hanson

    meeelion of heets!

  • Ries

    Carbon/Graphite would be the main reason to use a Lumia 800 when my Pre3 and TouchPad fall apart 😉