LG Optimus 3D 2 coming next year, will be significantly thinner

Daniel Bader

September 6, 2011 3:02pm

Earlier this year we reviewed the LG Optimus 3D, among Rogers’ first 3D Android offerings, and while we really liked the device no one would say it was a slim device. So when we heard, via Pocket Lint, that the sequel would be roughly 7mm thick, we jumped for joy — virtually.

According to LG’s Dr. Henry Noh (who has an awesome name, we might add) next year’s model will likely be significantly thinner — 7mm or less — and feature better camera sensors than the Optimus 3D, which is equipped with two 5MP shooters that, combined, take 3MP 3D stills.

He also hints that prices for 3D tech will have to be significantly lower than their premium status right now in order to reach the mainstream user market. As it stands, 3D technology on phones is still relegated to the “interesting, but unnecessary” for most consumers, but if the price was lowered to the point where it was the same price or less than the equivalent 2D device, with no size penalty, it would spur sales right along.

Source: Pocket-Lint via PocketNow

  • Sean

    And this came out what a month or two ago and just came out in the US like this week…


    FACT: The screen on this phone is better than anything RIM offers.

  • Alex Perrier

    3D? Sounds cool, but for me, it will have to wait.

    On another note, why did the Optimus Chic lower from $250 to $80? Are they having a difficult time selling them? Because that is a steal of a deal! Extremely well-speced! 🙂

  • asdl;gjkas

    if 3d phones are going to be 7mm just NEXT YEAR, how thin are 2d phones going to get LOL?

  • @grumpybuttfunny

    I will pass!

  • Skrutor

    I think the main thing hurting LG’s 3D device sales is the brand LG. They should spin off the mobile division to a new company with a more appealing image, at least in north America.

  • RealDeal83

    NEWSFLASH: Phones released next year will be better than the ones released this year.

    ALSO: Wiping front to back deemed the better choice

  • asdfjas

    the main thing for me is their ui :/

  • Fenrir

    I have played with the phone my main issue is the 3d on the phone it gives me a splitting headache everytime and it reminds more of those old 3d trading cards than 3d in movie theaters. the tech still has a ways to go.

  • Anonymous

    Thumbs up if you’ve noticed that Alex Perrier always gets lots of thumbs down!

  • Montana

    I thought the 3d max was coming out this year is canada??? So is it next year now? Little confused..lol