Rumour: RIM’s QNX BlackBerry smartphones to have OTA software updates, front-facing camera and BBM Video Chat


  • KidCanada

    Might return my Torch 9810 to hold off as well but I’m lovin it already and its hard to decide whether to keep it or return it.

    • Ron

      QNX is what is going to save RIM.

      Think of how BBM has impacted RIM. Throw in video chat built in and your going to see a massive amount of young people jump on the RIM train again. You see them fiend the BBM already, factor that in and kablamo.

  • Nascar39

    OTA updates would be a plus, would really like to see other manufacturers follow suit with that. Most users don’t need or want provider crap on their phones anyway so bypassing the provider I think is huge.

    • Sean

      OTA updates can still involve carrier stuff like look at android phones when they get OTA updates they include all the new carrier stuff the only phones that pust pure vanilla OS’ are iPhone and the nexus line

  • ronny from jersey shore

    I hope they make a QNX phone with the shape of a bold 9900 or atleast with an amazing keyboard. I would drop my bold 9000 into the RECYCLING and quickly make that upgrade. Hopefully I don’t have to wait for an update for bbm and a calender … Lol I kid I kid.

    But seriously I can’t wait to see what they will do with QNX (its already everywhere). Hopefully it doesn’t end up like WebOS

  • Nathan in New Brunswick

    no worries to anyone who just bought a new blackberry, RIM has already confirmed any device with OS7 will be able to update to QNX when it is released

    • Sean

      No they said all current devices will NOT be updated

    • aka

      If RIM said OS6 devices are not compatible with OS7 due to hardware requirements, and they said QNX won’t run on anything less than dual-core, and all current OS7 devices are single-core only, what makes you so sure? Stop spreading nonsense from hearsay.

    • TeknoBug

      @Nathan, there’s a reason why I’m skipping this generation of BB’s, they are not going to get QNX.

  • moneyhunster

    im dissapointed to see retailers shun the playbook, the operating system is by far the best so far, i for one will not be upgrading my bold until QNX is on the phones, its ability to run android apps will give us the best of both worlds.

    • aka

      Retailers aren’t shunning the PlayBook, it’s those bunch of initial reviews on unreleased PlayBooks firmware that gave them bad press. And all the iSheeps follows, because they’re expecting to get an 7″ iPad with a PlayBook, silly people.

      If retailers could sell them all, they would, to make a profit.

  • Jason B

    Nathan: link, please? I heard the opposite.

  • Yipper

    Apple is so screwed.

  • Bognar

    qnx is what will drive the world and already has been for 36 years. it runs NASA, automated flush toilets in unison, mission critical jobs in government Glock 4 military standards, automotive, power plants, and nuclear plants. QNX is bulletproof and iOS looks like a literal fart app next to it.

    Good bye Apple. Good bye Google.

    Hello QNX.

  • LAWL

    So let’s apply logic here.

    PlayBook FAILED, and it uses the almighty “QNX”. So if PlayBook failed, this means Colt will fail.

    1+1 = 2

    • Dimitri

      It actually hasn’t failed at all. Just because RIM did not add native email that means it fails? I work at Future shop & do you know how many people come in & ask for the playbook? A lot. Its a great tablet. I my self have it & its way better then the ipad 2 i have. Apple does not support flash, Playbook does. Playbook has way better security then both Android & IOS. I am not a fan boy of RIM i do own Android & IOS devices so i can tell how its difference.

      Wait let me guess. You are using a Ipad or a Galaxy tab?

    • LAWL

      I am not replying to this because your post is evidently a fail – 3 thumbs down.

    • b

      @LAWL Trolling fail.

    • aka


      No you’re a failure, now go play with your iToy.

  • Mobilicity FTW

    Now this sounds awesome! Worth looking forward for.

  • JSmith

    Love my Playbook, so I am one waiting for the QNX handsets in the new year, til then my Storm 2 continues to be rock solid.

  • WirelessEmpireCAN

    Oh man, if this phone turns out to run on AWS, I am about to have a nerdgasim, this is awesome, I get BBM as well as native android apps, front vid camera, fast OS and best of all I get security, a feature Google has had a lot of trouble with and even Mr. Jobs can’t seem to get right. Oh wait, the best part is that I can use android apps but not have my battery run out in the evening!! 🙂

  • Stephån Jøbs

    BBM Music – ohhh – kinda like the Zune’s social mode.


  • Adam

    hopefully, it’ll come with the ability for multiple alarms!

    even if not, I’m still looking forward to these devices 🙂

  • Nick

    How credible is the source of these rumours? I’m still waiting for BBM for Android, which mobilesyrup was proclaiming as a near-certainty in the spring.

  • Adam

    @Nick, click on the link, right by the label “source”. It will pop up a link to the story.

  • Adam

    They get information from different sources, it’s not one generic source.

  • Paul Q

    “Blackberry once again does what everyone else did last year.”

  • jim

    It has been several years now and over and over again I hear these androtards say apple is done for. Do you have to be a certified moron to buy an android phone?

    • Dimitri

      That could also be said for the Itards that say that about RIM & Android. Ifans always b***h about RIM or Android going downhill. Sure enough tho maybe one day Apple might just fall down & burn with the way they Price everything & lock everything to the way they want it. Apple has only gone this far because they brainwash people into buying a phone that looks exacly the same with the same screen size & all for the past 3 years. Iphone for has a back glass. OMG cool. ( not really) it has the same size screen, Same IOS, Same looks on the front & also the same thing. YOU CAN NOT UNLOCK IT OR CUSTOMIZE IT UNLESS YOU JAILBREAK IT. As for RIM & Android you can do all those without paying 700 + for a phone & be locked into something a company wants. RIM & Android devices you are allowed to buy themes, & other stuff & unlock it without a problem. You can also have flash on them ( only playbook can support flash for the time being from RIM) All the Android devices support flash. Something alot of people like. ALSO you are able to put in a SD card up to 32GB on RIM & Android devices. Apple products you cant doo all that stuff unless you jailbreak it & having the risk of bricking you’re phone or f*****g it up somehow.

    • b

      Androtards? Sorry, but I think iTards has a much better ring to it.

  • PACO

    this will be DOA

  • yimmin

    still inferior to iphone

    • b

      Which one?

      Oh wait they are all the same.

  • Mark

    I’ve read in several places Google will be updating Android Market to prevent access on non Android devices. Hopefully that happens, RIM shouldn’t be allowed using Android Market.

    • b

      At no point did they say the colt is going to be using the Android Market, they said the device would be able run apps built for Android devices.

  • rick whitley

    In fact, the beauty for Rim is that they wont have access to the android market. They get to great their own market for android apps and take a 30% cut on every sale.

    This wouldn’t work for most manufacturers, but it will for Rim, as long as they make sure to line up the best apps and a decent selection out of the gate. Its pretty brilliant really, Google does all the heavy lifting on the OS side, Rim cashes in on it.

    No guarantee on the future of Rim but with QNX they do at least still have a shot.

  • Dread

    Looks good but will it be too late? By this time, where will iPhone 5 or Android be?

  • @grumpybuttfunny

    Like the man says The QNX BlackBerry smartphone is sounding pretty amazing so far! Hope all these rumours are true!