SaskTel HTC Incredible S receives Android OS 2.3.3 upgrade

Kate O'Brien

August 26, 2011 10:08am

SaskTel has made the upgrade to OS 2.3.3 Gingerbread available to customers who have the HTC Incredible S. OK turnaround considering this Android was released on April 9th. Grab your device, go into Settings > About Phone > System software updates > select Check now.

Source: HTC
(Thanks Derek for the pic!)

  • Kemist

    Andriods, Best phone on the Market

    • Lindsay

      is there a way of shutting down my frledos? meaning if you hold the house button you have a few frledos which i think has not shut down cause its killing my battery life example . i go on facebook how do i close it down let me know thanks

  • CaptainZangetsu

    no 2.3.4 like the nexus s. too bad…

  • Dude

    Bell did that like 2 months ago.

    • Tatnya

      What? Just wait three days. It’s only 3 days and you’ll get a new phone and you won’t incur any charges and won’t have to talk to sodobemy over the phone or in a store to try to get an early upgrade. If you do want an early upgrade, just talk to someone in the store, or call Verizon.

  • Arse

    Incredible news

    • Mr. F.

      I see what you did there……

  • Greg

    Just tried to do the update and it wouldn’t connect to it. Guess will wait for it to come in naturally

    • orby

      You have to be connected to WiFi for the upgrade to come through.