BlackBerry App World crosses over the 1 billion app download mark, 3 million downloads per day

Ian Hardy

July 12, 2011 11:40am

RIM officially launched the BlackBerry App World back on April 1st 2009 and have announced some growing stats today. Some developers have decided to stop supporting BlackBerry devices, but RIM stated on their company blog that “BlackBerry App World is now in over 100 countries, seeing an average of 3 million downloads per day, and we recently crossed the 1 billion app download milestone!”

Comparing to other popular app stores the BlackBerry App World  is clearly not the biggest by any stretch. RIM has always stated they’re looking for higher quality apps that will help their 68 million+ BlackBerry users be more productive (their apps are also priced a bit higher too). Apple’s App Store just passed over the 15 billion download milestone and has over 425,000 apps. As for Google’s Android Market, they just reached 4.5 billion app downloads last month and have 200,000 available apps.

Congrats RIM!

Source: BlackBerry

  • RIM is done

    surprisingly enough, none my friends who own blackberries download apps or care for them on their bb’s

    all they do is use bbm all day

  • Sean

    No one i know who has a blackberry uses apps also all they do is BBM and most have an iPod touch for apps and such

  • Nasir

    I for one use quite a few apps on my BB. My most useful and must have ones have been developed internally.

    I use BB Traffic, BB Travel, Facebook, Poynt, Live Profile, Whatsapp, BB Radio, Slacker Radio, Sportsnet Mobile, Weather eye and those are the ones I use daily.

    I’ve got many more installed.

  • Han

    I gave up on BB apps because my phone kept giving out of memory warnings. All I have installed now is weather.

  • 0defaced

    i’d like to see something backing these numbers…….RIM?

  • RIM is done

    lol Han,

    Rim’s hardware is as ancient as its comes

  • Paul Q

    I wish I could use apps on my BlackBerry but performance goes to s**t if I have more than two.

  • Matt P

    And not one of those downloads is angry birds

    • Jake

      Thank God!
      The day I download Angry Birds on my phone, I hope someone just shoots me.

  • smittyleafs

    What about angry farm…yes I dropped $5 for it; although it does currently have 120 levels.

    Currently Installed

    Games: free minesweeper, free chess, free battleship, free solitaire, free hang man, free connect four, $2 doodle jump, $5 pin ball (which is too much)

    Free Apps: flashlight, facebook, flixter, score, google maps, rbc, poynt, Bible, Dilbert (awesome!), shazaam, metro news, Time

    My only realy complaint is the lack of games on my Blackberry, as there are a tonne of “practical” apps. If I could get QNX supported Android support for apps…life would be good. I also need a time machine to go ahead in time 2 years…to see it actually happen.

  • DigitalMann

    A tweet from Al MacNevin at Sirius Canada states:

    “Updated @siriuscanada app is finally available…sorry about the wait, but glad to give u what u asked for…thank u for your business.”

    There does not seem to be support for Playbook? or OS 6 devices such as 9780 or 9800.

    Have they stopped supporting BlackBerry?