Android Market to hit 100,000 app milestone this month

John Connors

July 13, 2010 11:04am

There’s no doubt that Google’s Android platform is gaining popularity. In Canada we have several devices that run their OS. To name a few we’ve got the HTC Hero, Legend, LG Eve, Samsung Galaxy, Acer Liquid E, Motorola Milestone, Quench and Dext… and more coming such as the HTC Desire and Galaxy Vibrant.

When it comes to the Android Market, it was only a few weeks ago that Google’s Andy Rubin said they have over 65,000 available for download. It looks like this month the combined number of paid and free apps will cross over the 100,000 mark. According to AndroidLib (they gathers stats on the Android Market) they show that we are currently sitting around the 92,000 apps. Over the past few months there has been an average of over 14,000 new apps submitted. So this should take it just beyond the 100k milestone.

Source: AndroidLib
Via: AndroidGuys

  • Samuel Prima

    I’m loving the Android Market! So many useful free apps available!. Motorola Dext. FTW.

  • Ben G

    Next milestone: Over taking Apple’s App Store.

  • Abe Z

    I love the Android Market and the Android OS itself, i love my SE Xperia X10.

  • Don

    HTC Legend here and no way disappointed. Love it.

  • Bob

    Anyone notice the drop in July ’10 coincides with the launch of the iPhone4? I hope it recovers to pre-July level and the exponential trend continues.

  • Ryan

    @ Bob, keep in mind that we’re only half way through July ’10

  • G

    Good to see Android has more apps right now then the iPhone when they started there “Theres an app for that.” Add campain. Though currently I think iOS is 200k-ish?

  • jeff donnelly

    do they have a Windows Live Messenger app? I dont know too much about Android.

  • J.B.


    currently checking my HTC Hero, there are 3 dedicated MSN apps, MyMSNMessenger Free, MyMSNMessenger Full Paid version($1.00), and MSN Talk that is free (however, developed for Droid, so don;t know if it will work on Hero).

    Then theres tons of other IM and IM+ apps, along with an entire lineup of social hub apps, etc. So theres always something on android and always something new coming up.

  • Daniel Krueger

    Bring Zinio to the app store!

  • jeff donnelly

    cool thanks J.B. I appreciate it.