Video: Palm Pre vs. Apple iPhone 3GS

palm-pre-iphone-3gsWe know that the Palm Pre and the Apple iPhone are two completely different devices. Both are desired devices in Canada. We took a bit of time to take a look at each and compare them.

The iPhone 3GS has a bigger screen (3.5 inches) vs. the Palm Pre’s 3.1 inch screen. They both have a 3 megapixel camera, although the Pre has an LED flash but lacks the auto-focus, video and editing capabilities of the iPhone. They both weigh the same at 135 grams, but the Pre is bigger (in length when open and in overall thickness). The AppStore is in a league of its own when it comes to applications. The App Catalog has about 30 available apps… while the iPhone has over 60,000 apps. Both has a 3.5mm headset jack but the iPhone can hold up to 32GB of memory, while the Pre can hold up to 8GB. Plus both are reputable when it comes to your contacts, calendar and e-mails. It just depends on how much you like typing on a physical QWERTY keyboard on the Pre, or the QWERTY touchscreen on the iPhone. Also, the iPhone has auto-correct and came in handy when typing. This is missing on the Pre.

When we tested the browser speed (both have WiFi) it was hit and miss. Sometimes the iPhone dominated and other times the Pre was surprisingly faster. Overall the iPhone was a few seconds faster but nothing to cry about. The accelerometer was also faster on the Pre and made for a better user experience. But the battery life was longer by hours on the iPhone 3GS over the Pre. Both also come with Google Maps. For sound quality I found the loudness to be better on the Pre but the quality to better on the iPhone.

Check out the video here:

Final Score


  • greasymonkey

    maybe palm will release the same phone 3 times with minor updates like apple and sell several billion…..not.

  • Jana

    the iphone is a watse of money. its just the apps that make it fun.

  • Aesthetic

    Palm Pre is way more advanced than the iPhone. Who cares about apps anyway, unless you are like a 12 year old kid you are never going to use the apps anyway except to show off sometimes to friends

  • Mike Neufeld

    Iphone still wins…..

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