Virgin Mobile’s Holiday Greeting!


December 11, 2008 7:22pm

This is hilarious… a good chuckle and in true Virgin Mobile style they go all out.
Watch this video by Mrs. Claus as she rants about good old St. Nick himself!

The video is funny… but does it actually get you to buy a phone?

  • midtoad

    it doesn't matter whether the ad gets us to buy a Virgin phone… it's enough for it to be a reward for those of us that already have a Virgin phone!

  • Rei

    K, I’m out, I am done.

    How morphed do you have to be to make Mrs. Clause into a dumb super plastic blonde who does shots all the time, instead of a supportive older woman who bakes cookies and is kind and modest and sweet.

    Shoot me, please do.

  • $anta

    I should known better then marry a hooker!