Gmail app makes communication easier with new translation feature

The feature has long been available on Gmail web and is finally coming to Android and iOS

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If you ever receive a Gmail email in a language you don’t understand, you no longer have to switch to a web browser or a separate app to translate it.

Google is adding native translation integration within the Gmail mobile app to make communication easier and more accessible.

The feature has long been available on Gmail web and is finally coming to the Android and iOS apps.

When you receive an email that is typed in a language different from the language you’ve set on Gmail, you’ll see a prompt banner on top of the email that will allow you to translate, as seen in the example below:

You can also switch back and forth between the original and translated versions by tapping on the banner again. According to Google, “You can also choose to have Gmail always translate or never translate specific languages.”

You can also customize the feature to always translate messages from a specific language, avoiding the hassle of always tapping on the ‘translate’ prompt.

The new feature is rolling out to all Gmail app users on Android and iOS devices. To use it, make sure you have updated your app to the latest version and set your Gmail display language in the settings.

For Android, the feature started rolling out on August 8th, and can take roughly 15 days for visibility.

For iOS, the feature will start rolling out on August 21st, and can take roughly 15 days from the date for visibility.

Image credit: Google

Source: Google