Rogers shares framework to bring all TTC riders wireless access with Industry Minister

Rogers says it will launch a dispute resolution process if it can't reach an agreement with carriers

Rogers says it has proposed a framework to allow carriers to provide wireless services throughout the TTC.

In a June 5th post on its website, the company said it shared the framework with Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne in May.

The Globe reports an August 15th deadline for Rogers to reach an agreement with Bell,  Telus, and Québecor. It will enter an arbitration process if it hasn’t reached an agreement with at least one carrier.

“Rogers will engage in good faith commercial negotiations with the other carriers with a view to reaching a reasonable commercial agreement by Aug. 15, 2023,” the letter Rogers sent to Champagne reads, according to The Globe.

Rogers acquired the rights to build and operate its mobile network on the TTC in April. Bell and Telus have since called for a joint build model, calling on the Minister, who has asked the carriers to work together, to step in.

“We signed a deal to modernize and expand the network across the entire subway system to deliver full wireless coverage, for everyone,” Rogers said.

Via: The Globe