Meet Ascender, the first robot vacuum that is able to clean your stairs

Robot vacuums are heading to new frontiers

After many years and iterations of robot vacuums, one company may have made a breakthrough. Stairs have long been the greatest adversary of automatic cleaners. However, the Ascender is rising to the challenge.

The creators of the Ascender state that this unit is the first that is not only capable of cleaning your stairs but can do so by climbing a staircase in the process. Ascender is being developed by Migo Robotics. It’s described as “a Revolutionary Robot Vacuum that can climb and clean the stairs automatically,” according to the company website.

The Ascender is said to be a 2-in-1 unit, capable of vacuuming up dirt and mopping floors. That’s fairly standard now when it comes to robot cleaners. It’s the unit’s ability to roll up a set of stairs and clean each one individually that makes it stand out.

Like something out of Boston Dynamics, Ascender uses articulated legs to lift itself up a single stair. It then goes back into its standard form and cleans the step from side to side using its suction and omnidirectional wheels. It then repeats this process up or down the set of stairs.

There are still many mysteries behind how Ascender is able to accomplish this goal. However, Migo Robotics states that the device utilizes LiDAR. On top of that, Ascender boasts a standard array of features. It’s able to provide multi-floor mapping, obstacle avoidance, and more. It’s also claimed to have a 6,000PA-strong suction power. Its mopping pads are also said to spin a whopping 3,500 times per minute.

As of now, Migo Robotics is looking for crowdfunding support to make Ascender a widely available product. Everything shown appears to be in-development renders. Currently, a crowdfunding campaign is being held, asking customers to make a $5 USD deposit. This locks interested customers in at an early bird price of $999 USD (around $1,337 CAD). Ascender is said to have an MSRP of $1,399 USD (roughly $1,881 CAD).

Ascender is expected to begin shipping as early as August, according to the company.

Image credit: Migo Robotics

Source: Gizmodo