Apple reportedly prototyped colour MagSafe chargers for iPhone

It's not clear if Apple ever plans to release the colourful chargers


Apple reportedly prototyped at least one version of a colourful MagSafe iPhone charger, hinting we could see this version of the tech giant’s magnetic charger in the future.

The details come from Twitter user ‘@KosutamiSan,’ who collects rare Apple products (via MacRumors). KosutamiSan obtained prototype information that included a colourful version of the iPhone MagSafe charger.

According to the tweet, Apple intended to release a colourful version of the MagSafe charger as well as the unreleased horizontal stand ‘Magic Charger.’ KosutamiSan shared a picture of the ‘Starlight’ MagSafe charger, noting it has “more saturation” than Apple’s other colourful MagSafe chargers for MacBooks.

While it’d be neat to have colour-matched iPhone chargers, it remains unclear if Apple plans to go down this road. MacRumors notes that Apple will likely release a new version of the MagSafe iPhone charger in the future, either to compete with rivals or to adapt to new Qi2 tech (which Apple is contributing to).

With Apple’s iPhone 15 expected to support 15W wireless charging even on third-party chargers, it’s possible the company might look to differentiate MagSafe in other ways — such as with cool colours.

Of course, that’s all speculation — all we know for sure is that at some point, Apple prototyped a colourful MagSafe charger. What that means, or if it means anything, remains to be seen.

Source: @KosutamiSan Via: MacRumors