Bell’s 100GB Canada-U.S. plan now costs $5 more per month

Bell followed Telus in upping the cost of the Canada-U.S. plan

Bell has joined Telus in charging more for its 100GB Canada-U.S. plan.

Earlier this month, Telus changed up its plans, replacing the $105/mo Canada-U.S. with 100GB of data with a 100/mo 100GB Canada-only plan and a $110/mo Canada-U.S. plan, effectively raising the cost of its Canada-U.S. plan.

Now Bell has followed suit, dropping the $105/mo plan for a pricier $110/mo plan. However, at the time of writing, Bell hadn’t adjusted its other plans or added a $100/100GB Canada-only plan to match Telus.

The move comes after both carriers hiked the cost of their daily roaming rates.

At the time of writing, Rogers still offered a $105/mo 100GB Canada-U.S. plan, though Rogers says the plan is on sale and normally costs $125/mo.

You can check out Bell’s plans here.