T-Mobile’s ridiculous suitcase includes a Qi charger and AirTag pocket

It also features a removable 10,000mAh power bank

Typically I don’t care what U.S. carriers are up to, but a certain magenta suitcase caught my eye today. T-Mobile debuted its ‘Un-Carrier On’ suitcase sporting the carrier’s logo, signature magenta colour and built-in Qi charging with a pocket for your smartphone.

This whole thing looks absolutely ridiculous, and I also kind of love it. Made in collaboration with premium luggage brand Samsara, the suitcase sports a flat top if you want to work on your laptop and need something to put it on but can’t find a table. The suitcase also comes with a removable 10,000mAh power brick, which sports wireless charging capability as well as a USB-C charging cable if you’d rather use that.

9to5Google went hands-on with the suitcase and found that the built-in smartphone holder doesn’t work great, depending on the phone. 9to5 found the Pixel 7 Pro didn’t fit in with a case, and without one, it was a little too loose, making for unreliable wireless charging. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 didn’t fit at all (unsurprisingly, given the form factor).

As for the AirTag holder, that appears to be a feature of Samsara luggage in general, with the company’s website calling it ‘Tag Smart.’ There’s a special pocket inside the suitcase where people can place the AirTag. Unfortunately, 9to5 notes the pocket is designed to fit the AirTag exactly, so if you use another type of Bluetooth tracker, you’re out of luck (although you could always just put it in the suitcase and not use the pocket).

The ‘Un-Carrier On’ suitcase retails for $325 USD (about $446.25 CAD) and is currently available for pre-order. It seems like a lot for a suitcase, but then, the T-Mobile ad-on-wheels is cheaper than Samsara’s other suitcases, so that’s cool.