Koodo, Fido, Virgin roll out $65/20GB limited-time offer

Until July 4th, the carriers' $65/15GB plan comes with 5GB of extra bonus data

Koodo, Fido, and Virgin Plus have updated their plan pages with a new limited-time offer: $65/mo for 20GB of data.

The deal essentially adds 5GB of bonus data onto the flanker brands’ existing $65/15GB plans. Both Koodo and Virgin list the offer as running until July 4th, while Fido’s site simply says it’s a “limited time” deal. Interestingly, Fido’s website also says the offer “will appear on your 2nd or 3rd invoice.”

Overall, the new offer isn’t bad. The three flanker brands also offer $60/mo 10GB plans, so an extra $5/mo for double the data is pretty decent.

The $65/20GB plans include, as usual, Canada-wide calling, texting, and other features. You can check out the deal for yourself at the following links:

Also, if you’re a lucky Koodo customer, you may not even need to spring for this offer. Some customers received texts from the carrier in June offering them 5GB of free bonus data on their current plans. You can read more about that here.