Apple adds new easy-access sports features in iOS 16

'Live Activities' aims to make tracking sports updates easier

Getting closer to the big game is now easier, thanks to new sports features unveiled during Apple’s WWDC 2022 keynote.

This functionality is part of Apple’s new ‘Live Activities’ iOS 16 feature, which allows you to get the information you want on players or teams and watch live games from anywhere.

Live Activities aims to give you the info you want on the lock screen, reducing the amount of work to check the score on your favourite teams.

Apple News has also received a major update that includes a Sports category that allows users to follow their favourite teams and leagues. Apple News will have it all, from college sports to professional sports, including hundreds of the best publishers in sports reporting.

Apple News’ Sports section will show scores, schedules, and standings. For all leagues and highlights best suited to your liking. All of these can be synced to all of your Apple devices.

Sports Live Activity features will be available in Canada, U.S., UK and Australia.

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