Waze announces new Retro Mode driving experience, inspired by the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s

Waze is bringing a radical new driving experience to drivers with new voices, Moods, and more

Waze is tapping into bygone eras and bringing ‘Retro Mode’ to drivers. This nostalgic experience draws inspiration from the groovy ’70s, fluorescent ’80s, and of course, the booming ’90s.

Waze describes Retro Mode as a celebration of “personalities and trends from the years” and has steeped the feature inseveral of the most recognizable aspects of each decade.

As a result, Waze users can now select one of three unique driving experiences via Retro Mode. With Retro Mode’s ’70s selection, an eclectic radio DJ joins the driver as the navigator. Your on-screen vehicle becomes a flower-power “El Vanarino.” Unsurprisingly, the Mood features a lava lamp.

With the ’80s, Waze users find an aerobics instructor as their guide. Here, drivers see their vehicle turn into a “Rad Racer sports car” with a boombox Mood. This all ties together nicely to create an ’80s-inspired vibe.

Finally, with Retro Mode’s ’90s theme, the navigator is set to a pop star. Appropriately, the on-screen vehicle transforms into a classic two-door “SUV4EVA.” To top it all off, the Mood is set to “Dialed Up” and features a desktop PC. The Mood gives me stark flashbacks to the awful sounds endured when connecting to the internet.

To compliment Retro Mode, TuneIn is partnering with Waze to deliver ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s songs directly from the Waze app. On iOS and Android, users can access nostalgic tracks on their drives. In Canada and the U.S., users gain access to ’90s Hits. In the UK, stations include Hit Music 70’s. Finally, France receives 80’s Alive.

Waze users can click ‘My Waze’ in the app to start the experience. Once tapping selecting the desired era, the experience begins. Retro Mode is available globally. Currently, the Waze Retro Mode supports English, French, and Portuguese languages.

Image credit: Waze

Source: Waze

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