Blue Origin’s next space flight is scheduled for March 23rd [Update]

A wild Kanye appears at the launch site

Update 18/03/2021 4:23pm ET: Blue Origin announced on Thursday, March 17th that the sub-orbital flight scheduled for March 23rd has been postponed to March 29th. Additionally, Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson won’t be joining the rest of the crew for the flight.

No other information was provided.

Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson is among six people heading to space aboard Jeff Bezos’ upcoming Blue Origin flight on March 23rd, the sub-orbital spaceflight services company announced via its Twitter account.

Davidson would be the third celebrity to go to space aboard a Blue Origin flight, following Canadian actor William Shatner and ‘Good Morning America’ host Michael Strahan.

The SNL star is accompanied by Party America CEO Marty Allen, University of North Carolina professor Jim Kitchen, president of Commercial Space Technologies Dr. George Nield, Tricor International CEO Marc Hagle and his wife Sharon Hagle.

The flight is scheduled for 8:30am CT/9:30am ET on Wednesday, March 23rd. The entirety of the flight, from liftoff to enjoying zero gravity in low Earth orbit to landing back in the West Texas desert will take about ten minutes.

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Source: Blue Origin