Google releases open-source tool to protect journalists from harassment

The tools are only available on Twitter at this time

Journalists will soon be able to filter through abusive comments on Twitter, thanks to a new code by Google Jigsaw.

The Verge reports the anti-harassment tool, called Harassment Manager, is released as a code to be further built on. It will be available for journalists at Thomson Reuters Foundation first, starting in June.

Harassment Manager currently works on Twitter. According to a post by Google Jigsaw on Medium, the feature uses Perspective API to isolate comments that are likely to be harmful. The tool helps journalists identify and record posts, block posters, and hide replies on their tweets.

The Verge says journalists can also download standalone reports detailing abusive messages to create a paper trail.

Google Jigsaw worked with journalists and activists to develop the tool and identify their immediate needs. They released the tool on International Women’s Day, citing the uptake of female journalists’ online abuse.

“Our hope is that this technology provides a resource for people who are facing harassment online, especially female journalists, activists, politicians and other public figures, who deal with disproportionately high toxicity online,” the company says.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: Google Jigsaw