Telus and Bell announce two new health tech projects

Telus is rolling out a mobile health clinic in Niagara, as Bell co-launches a mental health app

Two of Canada’s “Big Three” telecommunications companies have each announced a new initiative in their health technology and community outreach divisions.

First, Telus is working with REACH Niagara to create a mobile health clinic offering medical care to marginalized communities living in the southern Ontario region, such as people without housing and migrant agricultural workers in the Niagara Fruit Belt.

According to the press release, the clinic-on-wheels is equipped with “Telus Health’s electronic medical record (EMR) technology, TelusMobility services and Telus LTE Wi-Fi network technology.”

The mobile clinic is designed to provide at-risk and low-income folks living in Niagara with easy access to COVID-19 testing, harm reduction services, mental health care, reproductive health services, and other medical treatments.

The clinic is part of Telus’ Health for Good program, which funds and operates mobile clinics across the country through a $10 million investment from the telecom carrier.

You can find Telus Health for Good mobile clinics in Edmonton, Halifax, Mississauga-Peel, Montreal, Niagara, Ottawa, Surrey, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria and Waterloo.

Meanwhile, Bell’s mental illness awareness program, Bell Let’s Talk, is partnering with the Strongest Families Institute (SFI) to launch a mobile app.

SFI offers a selection of family education programs to coach children and adults on how to manage anxiety, pain and stress.

The mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices, will let families remotely access the SFI’s programs and other “e-mental health services,” as per the press release.

The 2021 edition of Bell Let’s Talk Day raised $7.9 million in donations to various mental health foundations and funds.

Image credit: Pexels

Source: Telus, Bell