Toronto-based Ecobee’s upcoming back-to-school sale will discount its SmartCamera and more

There's also an Essential Home Security Solution bundle with one SmartCamera and two SmartSensors

[Update: 08/03/2021 — 10:10am ET] This story has been updated to reflect the accurate discounted price of Ecobee’s SmartCamera with voice control.

Toronto-based Ecobee will go live with its back-to-school sale on August 5th, marking a discount to its sought-after SmartCamera with voice control.

Ecobee’s SmartCamera offers 1080p video recording, a 180-degree field of view, built-in voice control, motion detection and smoke alarm detection.

Additionally, the camera includes a ‘Smart Focus’ feature that allows it to automatically pan and zoom to capture unexpected movement and minimize blind spots. Plus, for the privacy-conscious, the SmartCamera can automatically shut off when family members are home.

At launch, which was last year, the SmartCamera cost $249.99. Currently, it is priced at $129.99, and during Ecobee’s upcoming sale, the security camera is slated to cost $99.99, marking a $30 discount.

Interested buyers can also check out Ecobee’s Essential Home Security Solution that bundles the SmartCamera with two SmartSensors for doors and windows. Essential Home Security Solution bundle costs $169.99.

Ecobee’s back-to-school sale will start on August 5th and is set to end on August 19th.

Image credit: Ecobee