Microsoft drops Surface Duo price by $550 in Canada

The unique dual-screen folding smartphone is now available for $1,319.99

Microsoft Surface Duo partially folded

If you’ve been thinking about picking up a Surface Duo, but have avoided the phone because of its high price tag, your time may be here. Microsoft has discounted the phone by $550 in Canada, bringing it down to a slightly more reasonable $1,319.99 price tag.

Well, more reasonable than the old $1,869 price tag, but some people may still find $1,320 a tough pill to swallow — that’s typical high-end flagship pricing in Canada, and when you compare the Duo to similarly priced phones, it doesn’t really stand up.

When I reviewed the Surface Duo earlier this year, I was generally positive about the phone. Microsoft did an excellent job making Android work well across two displays. Moreover, the Duo offers surprisingly excellent battery life and decent performance even with an older Snapdragon processor.

However, the Surface Duo also has several shortcomings, including a mediocre camera experience, no 5G support and a ton of bugs. Coupled with the older hardware, it made the original price seem outrageous.

Ultimately, I think the Surface Duo is a great option for people who use their phone in a specific way — namely, switching between multiple different apps while trying to multitask across them. The Surface Duo was at its best when running two apps side-by-side. Anyone who uses their phone like that will probably appreciate what the Duo has on offer.

So, if you’re interested, you can buy the Duo from Microsoft’s website for $1,319.99 now. And if that price isn’t low enough for you, it’s back to the waiting game.