You can now play Super Mario Party with your friends online

Players will be able to host a public game or set up a password for a private party

Super Mario Party

More than two years after its release, Nintendo has launched a free update for Super Mario Party, adding more online play options to the game.

Previously, Super Mario Party‘s ‘Mario Party’ and ‘Partner Party’ modes could only be played in offline co-op, but after today’s free update, players can now host and play online multiplayer matches. Seventy minigames have also been added.


Though it’s unclear why Nintendo decided to push out a multiplayer update more than two years after the game’s release, the move is welcomed with open arms as it’s another way for people to stay connected during such unprecedented times.

Players will be able to host a public game or “set up a password for a private party” if they want to compete against friends and family, according to the update’s webpage.

It’s worth noting that this update is only available to those who own a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Source: Nintendo Via: IGN


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