iRobot’s Root rt0 coding robot now available Canada

Depending on your skill set, the companion app offers three different difficulty levels

COVID-19 has put the world on pause and has forced many Canadians to stay at home.

While limiting public exposure is of the utmost importance, boredom from staying at home is inevitable. To cope with the boredom, many Canadians are looking for new and unique hobbies, like coding.

iRobot’s easy-to-use and customizable coding robot, the Root rt0, has made its way to the Canadian market just in time for National Robotics Week, which started on April 3rd.

The Root rt0 allows children and adults of all ages to learn and practice coding in a simple and undaunting way.

The smart robot is designed to be used with its free companion coding app. The app is compatible with most major operating systems and offers lessons, projects, and hands-on problem-solving activities.

With more than 20 reactive sensors and features installed, this smart robot charms children and adults of all interests and skill levels.

  • Beginners can use level one, which uses graphical blocks that can be dragged and dropped to learn the fundamentals of coding.
    Intermediate users can use level two, which uses hybrid blocks with a mixture of graphics and coding scripts to help build computational fluency. Advanced users can use level three, which utilizes full-text code to teach professional coding languages’ structure and syntax.

The robot is available at iRobot’s website for $179.99 with free shipping. To learn more about the Root rt0 and other products iRobot has to offer, click here.

Image credit: iRobot

Source: iRobot