Fizz Mobile now supports Google RCS Chat features

Group chats on Fizz just got better

Over the past few weeks, Fizz Mobile, Vidéotron’s flanker brand, has enabled support for Google’s RCS Chat features on Android phones.

On March 22nd, Fizz announced that its network now supports RCS Chat. If you use the default Google Messages app on your Android phone, you can enable this feature in the app’s ‘Settings.’ You’ll see it at the top of the screen under the ‘Chat’ heading.

Once you have it enabled, you’ll see typing notifiers, read receipts, and will have an overall more seamless group chat experience. You can also send pictures and videos over data with RCS so they’ll get delivered in a higher quality than just sending them via text.

That said, Most of these improvements only happen when you’re texting other users with RCS Chat-enabled phones. Though increasing numbers of devices and carriers support the function, it’s still not ubiquitous across Canada. That said, you can still group chat across iPhone and Android devices using MMS.

You can learn more about Fizz’s rollout in the company forum post.

Source: Fizz