Microsoft Edge update brings new themes, sleeping tabs and more

Themes include various colours as well as ones inspired by games like Halo, Gears and Forza

Microsoft Edge themes

Microsoft’s Edge browser is getting yet another big update. This time around, the new Chromium-based Edge us getting access to a bunch of new themes as well as new password management capabilities.

First up, the new themes. Microsoft dropped a teaser video (below) showcasing several themes. There are a few with basic colours, as well as some unique themes based on various Microsoft games, including Halo, Flight Simulator, Gears and Forza.

Most of the themes change the new tab page and the colours of the tab bar and window. You can check out the new themes and apply them here.

Along with new themes, Microsoft updated the icons used throughout the browser. The new icons better match the company’s Fluent Design goals and feature more rounded, softer designs. Overall, they look great.

Visuals aside, Microsoft also rolled out various performance tweaks to the browser. That includes a new tab sleeping feature that automatically releases system resources for inactive tabs when users have a large number of tabs open. That should help newer tabs run better and prevent Edge from hogging memory and CPU resources.

Edge will also start suggesting secure and complex passwords when users create new online accounts or attempt to change an existing password. Microsoft will add a new password monitor feature as well that can alert users if their passwords leak online. It’s worth noting that many browsers offer similar features, and Mozilla has long offered a ‘Firefox Monitor‘ site that warns users if a password was breached.

Earlier this month, Edge finally gained history and tab sync, two features that are common in several browsers but were oddly absent from Microsoft’s refreshed Edge.

To update your browser, click the three-dot menu button > Help and feedback > About Microsoft Edge.

Source: The Verge