Uber launches in Halifax with restrictions amid pandemic

Users can only request rides if their trip is considered essential

Uber Canada has announced its services are now available in Halifax, Nova Scotia as of December 3rd.

However, rides will only be available for essential trips amid the COVID-19 pandemic. People who need to make essential trips, such as picking up a prescription, will be able to use the service.

“Uber, a company that moves people, is asking you not to move. If your travel is essential, our app will be available for you to request a ride. If not, in line with public health guidance, please stay home,” said Uber Canada’s general manager, Matthew Price, in a news release.

Uber notes that if essential travel is required, there are a number of safety policies in place. Earlier this year in May, Uber rolled out a new mask policy that requires both drivers and riders to wear masks.

Riders can only request a ride on the app if they have confirmed that they are wearing a mask. Similarly, the company launched a new mask verification system that asks Uber drivers and delivery workers to take selfies to verify that their mouth and nose are covered before they can start their trips.

Drivers can only go online once they have verified that they are wearing a mask. Further, riders will be prompted to use the verification system if they have previously been reported for not wearing a mask.

“Once restrictions have eased, Uber Canada looks forward to welcoming Haligonians onto the app to help with all their travel needs in addition to supporting the region’s recovery and growth,” Uber outlined in the news release.

The company says that local public officials can request contact tracing support from Uber’s Law Enforcement and Public Safety Response Portal in response to outbreaks.

Source: Uber