Make your finances easy with Hardbacon

If you’re not using a finance app, now’s the time to start. And if you’re already using one, it might be time to consider switching.

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With so many apps available on both iOS and Android, choosing an app that fits your needs can be daunting. Or it was. Until now.

With the introduction of Hardbacon, the best features of budgeting and investing apps have found a beautifully designed home.

What’s Hardbacon? It’s a free financial-planning app that lets you budget, plan, and invest by importing all of your different accounts into one place. Even better, its AI tools help you make the best decisions for your future.

When you open the app for the first time, you’ll need to create a profile. Beyond the usual username and password, you’ll be asked what you’d like to accomplish with the app.

From there, you’ll have the ability to connect your accounts. You’ll find all major Canadian financial institutions on the main page, and you can search for smaller apps like robo-advisers if you have investments elsewhere. Connecting is as simple as selecting your bank, adding your information, and hitting connect. It can take a few minutes to authorize, but once connected, the app will seamlessly input your new transactions.

Similar to other apps, Hardbacon has extensive tools for budgeting. It’s smart enough to recognize categories for your spending and flag overspending, and it lets you categorize your money for future purchases.But once you get beyond budgeting, the app shows its true strengths.

What separates Hardbacon from other apps? Its planning tools. 

Budgeting is great for your monthly expenses, infrequent expenses, and mid-tier purchases like vacations. But what if you’re planning for major purchases, investments, or your retirement? Hardbacon gives you the tools to do just that.

Clicking the Plan tab at the bottom of the app will bring up a questionnaire to determine your current financial situation beyond what’s in your accounts. It will ask about your goals, your debts, and your current income. With this information, it will show you an estimate of what your finances will look like when you retire.

One of the new features within Planning is the custom goals tool. If you’ve ever wondered what price of home you can afford, how long it will take you to save your down payment, and what your monthly mortgage will look like, this is the tool for you.

The best feature, though, has to be the comparison tool. If you’ve ever tried to compare mortgages, credit cards, online brokers, or robo-advisers, you’ll understand why this makes Hardbacon a must-have app. It’s as simple as selecting a category of what you’d like to compare and then browsing the options.

For example, to compare credit cards, you can sort by what you’d like to get out of the card –think rewards, interest rates, or building your credit score –and it presents you with your top options in an easy-to-read format that takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Hardbacon polishes the acclaimed features from other apps and enriches the experience with new tools, a clean UI, and the same leading investment features that made the company a big name in the Canadian marketplace.

If you’re ready to begin taking control of your finances, Hardbacon is an essential first step. 

And if you’re ready to take it a step further and invest in one of Canada’s top fintech companies,

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Keep your bacon where you want it. Download the app on iOS and Android or head to https://hardbacon.ca/.

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