Canadian government invests $1.5 billion in clean transit funding

This is part of a larger investment in the economy

The Government of Canada is investing $10 billion to help the Canadian economy with a series of green country-wide green projects.

One of these initiatives will use $1.5 billion of the overall investment to help Canadian cities add green transit options.

This investment also goes beyond just helping cities with their transit ambitions as it also aims to provide funding for the country’s four electric bus manufacturers, according to a report from Electric Autonomy Canada.

The report mentions that this investment is only solving some of the problems by supporting government-funded transit. Large scale vehicles used for commuting only account for only roughly 10 percent of the large vehicle emissions in Canada.

The overall $10 billion is also being used to help with the broadband rollout in rural Canada and should create an estimated 60,000 jobs.

Source: Electric Autonomy Canada