Codecademy launches new interactive VR course

The course is suited for beginners

Codecademy, a global provider of online education dedicated to building skills, has announced the launch of a new interactive VR course.

The company says the course is aimed towards developers, designers, and non-technical creatives alike. The free course teaches users to build a 3D environment and preview it in real-time using a VR headset or a computer.

“It’s an immersive 3D learning experience that gives users the option to take the entire course inside of a VR headset and see the virtual world they’re building come to life as they code it,” said Codecademy CEO Zack Sims in a press release.

The course, which is called ‘Learn A-Frame’ begins with basics like HTML and then dives into advanced topics to help beginners get started.

The course then progresses into the basics of A-Frame, which is a popular open-source web framework for building virtual reality experiences in a web browser, and helps learners to build out a virtual environment and create user interactions.

Source: Codecademy