Notion’s free tier just got much better thanks to unlimited notes

Notion previously limited users to 1,000 'blocks,' the components that make up its notes, tables and other pages

Notion app icon on iOS

Notion, an excellent note-taking app and general productivity tool, just got significantly better for free users.

A small update rolling out to the app today makes it so free users can now create unlimited notes. Previously, free users could create 1,000 ‘blocks,’ or individual elements that makeup Notion documents like text, tasks or calendars. To go beyond that, users needed to upgrade to the $4 per month plan.

While it may not seem like a lot, I’ve used Notion for a couple years as a repository for various creative writing projects and didn’t come close to breaking the 1,000 block limit. However, depending on your use scenario, 1,000 blocks may not be enough.

Either way, free users don’t need to worry about that limitation anymore. Along with removing that limit, Notion’s free plan also allows users to add up to five ‘guests’ that can edit or comment on pages. The free tier still limits the size of file uploads to 5MB compared to unlimited for all of the other Notion tiers. Finally, the free tier lacks access to some administrative and security features, as well as priority support features. However, most of those are reserved for the larger ‘Team’ and ‘Enterprise’ subscription tiers.

An improved free tier should encourage more users to join Notion

As The Verge points out, the space for note-taking and collaborative apps is growing quite crowded. Notion’s move to a more generous free tier is part of an effort to convince more people to choose its app over the myriad of competitors. Notion’s CEO, Ivan Zhao, told The Verge that the company planned to improve the free tier last year, but delayed the change because of COVID-19. The pandemic caused a surge in usage, as much as double the pre-pandemic volume of signups every day, according to Zhao.

For those of you who don’t use Notion but are intrigued by the app, it definitely sets itself apart from other note-taking apps. It’s an incredibly simple tool to get started with, but the variety and customizability of the various blocks and elements make it a tough platform to master. It can serve a variety of tasks, from managing a to-do list to keeping a journal, storing recipes and more. Some people have even used Notion’s ability to make public pages to create dynamic resumes.

All in all, Notion is an incredibly powerful tool and, thanks to the better free tier, is more accessible than ever before.

Source: Notion Via: The Verge