Tesla Model Y spotted on the streets of Toronto

It's unclear what the car is doing

YouTuber Kushari has spotted a Tesla Model Y near the Toronto City Hall.

The video is relatively quick since it only shows the car pulling up to stop at a light before driving away.

While it looks like a Model 3 from the front, once the car drives away and you get a clear look at its rear you can tell it’s the yet-to-be-released Model Y.

There are rumours circulating that Tesla is going to start delivering some version of the vehicle as early as February. However, this vehicle is also to be thought to be in a  cold-weather testing phase. If that’s true, it seems less likely it will be ready to ship out by February.

Either way, we won’t know until Tesla releases some news. We may get some tonight when the company reports on its Q4 2019 earnings.

Source: Kushari Via: Tesla Owners Club