Google’s Podcasts app now has a non-functional playlist/queueing button

The button is tied to the Google app beta

It looks like Google is updating its Podcasts app with a much-wanted feature.

Google is bringing a playlist/queueing functionality to its app. This feature was originally missing from the app, which is quite odd.

The button appears in between the download and the Play/Played button. However, you shouldn’t worry if you don’t see it on your device. According to Android Policeit seems to be tied to the Google app beta’s most recent update. Given that, I updated my Google app to the beta and I now see the button. However, the button currently doesn’t work and an update is likely required to complete the function.

This button will allow Google’s Podcasts app better to compete with Spotify and Pocket Casts. If the button ever works.

Source: Android Police