Spotify launches new curated playlist feature designed for your pet

I'm sure my cat will be thrilled


Spotify is launching a new playlist generator designed to create a list of music that both you and your pet will enjoy listening to.

To create the playlist of your pet’s dreams, head over to Spotify’s Pet Playlist website. Next, select from five pet options: Cat, dog, iguana, bird and, of course, a hamster. The final step involves defining a couple of personality traits, including whether your pet is energetic or relaxed. You’re then able to add your pet’s name and photo to the playlist.

The resulting collection of music seems to be little more than a mix of songs I frequently listen to on Spotify, matched with my cat’s selected shy, relaxed personality traits.

It’s unclear if my cat and I share the same taste in music, but I’d guess that she doesn’t. The last time I tried listening to Taking Back Sunday’s ‘Cute Without the E,’ she started crying along with the music and stressfully paced around the apartment.

I’m currently playing Alanis Morisette’s new single ‘Reasons I Drink’ from my cat’s playlist through my Sonos speakers at home while working from the MobileSyrup office. It remains unclear if my cat enjoys the emotive voice of the Canadian-born singer, but I’ll be sure to update this story with additional information once I get home and ask her.

For those interested, here is my cat’s playlist of sick tunes. Spotify is available on iOS and Android.

Source: Spotify