Google Translate updated with better offline translation

The translations are now up to 20 percent more accurate

Google Translate

Google has announced that Translate now offers better offline translation with improved word choice, grammar and sentence structure.

Offline translation is available with 59 languages, and is now 12 percent more accurate. The tech giant says that in some languages, such as Japanese, Korean, Thai, Polish and Hindi, the quality of translations has improved by 20 percent.

Translate will also provide users with transliteration to help with pronunciation in cases that are extra challenging.

“It can be particularly hard to pronounce and spell words in languages that are written in a script you’re not familiar with. To help you in these cases, Translate offers transliteration, which gives an equivalent spelling in the alphabet you’re used to,” Google wrote in a blog post.

Among the 59 languages, Google has now added offline support for 10 more languages including Arabic, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada and Urdu.

You can download Google Translate on the iOS App Store and on Google Play.

Source: Google