Ontario Science Centre discloses that it faced a data breach

The centre has confirmed that passwords were not accessed


The Ontario Science Centre has sent a notice to subscribers of its newsletter that someone without authorization made a copy of their names and emails.

The centre said that the data breach has impacted subscribers of the newsletter as well as those who participated in camp programs, invitations for events, and birthday parties. There is no information on how many people are affected.

It disclosed that it uses Campaigner, which is a third-party service provider. On August 16th, Campaigner revealed that someone without authorization created a copy of the emails and names associated with the centre’s subscribers.

The centre has stated that a former employee’s login credentials were used to access the list of emails and names. The list was then copied into their client account.

The science centre has said that the data breach has been reported to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.

Source: CBC News