Shaw has fastest internet in the West, Rogers overall fastest in Canada: Ookla

Shaw’s internet service was the fastest in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg

According to Ookla’s latest Speedtest report, Shaw Communications had the fastest internet service in Western Canada and was ranked top two overall among all providers.

The report for Q2-Q3 2019 said that Shaw’s internet service was the fastest in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg.

In Calgary, average download speeds were 136.57Mbps and upload speeds were 32.64Mbps. In Edmonton, average download speeds were 127.47Mbps and upload speeds were 46.79Mbps. In Vancouver, average download speeds were 122.97 and upload speeds were 46.79Mbps. And in Winnipeg, average download speeds were 100.59Mbps and upload speeds were 15.72Mbps.

It is worth noting that Rogers took the crown overall on having the fastest internet speeds, according to the report. Its speed score was 161.56, a 33.2 percent improvement over the same reporting period a year ago.

For those that are unaware, Rogers does not provide wireline services in these specific locations and does not compete with Shaw.

Shaw came in second with a speed score of 123.7, up 59.9 percent.

Canada’s average download speed was 112.86 and upload speeds were 43.79, the report said.

The report tested 3,874,765 unique devices, had 17,108,908 consumer-initiated tests, and 479,049,424 data points.

“Rogers is the fastest provider at the national level and in three of Canada’s most populous cities. Shaw is the second fastest provider at the country level and is fastest in four of Canada’s largest cities. It will be interesting to see if Canadian ISPs continue to build on their fast speeds or if investment levels off over time,” Ookla said in the report.

Shaw also recently reported its Q4 2019 results online.

Source: Ookla