Huawei to release Google Maps alternative soon, but as a tool for developers

Huawei is reportedly planning to soon release its Google Maps alternative, but only as a tool for developers.

According to China Daily, the new mapping service called Map Kit is “not directly for consumer use.” Map Kit will reportedly feature real-time traffic conditions, lane change recognition and augmented reality features.

Android Authority noted that the platform will even be available in 40 languages, and that it is expected to launch in October.

The service would also be “a substitute for any third-party HarmonyOS apps reliant on mapping data, allowing developers to swap out Google Maps data for the manufacturer’s data.”

The news comes shortly after the China-based company launched its own operating system, HarmonyOS. The operating system is currently only being rolled out in China and will be available globally in the future.

Huawei said it has always toyed with the idea of developing its own OS. It’s possible the project was expedited following U.S. President Donald Trump banned the company from working with any U.S. companies in May. At that time, Google pulled its business and indicated that Huawei would no longer get Android updates.

In June, Trump lifted the ban to an extent, allowing Huawei to work with companies so long as the partnership didn’t pose a national security threat.

Source: China Daily Via: Android Authority