iOS 13 Public Beta 5 adds new shortcuts to toggle Dark Mode, Hide Link Previews and more

The iOS 13 Public Beta 5 just landed for testers who like to live on the edge.

With the latest update, Apple added a few features and UI tweaks such as new Dark Mode shortcuts, Hide Link Previews and three more adjustments.

Let’s go through them one by one. For starters, Public Beta 5 now allows users to add a Dark Mode toggle to Control Center for quicker access. On top of that, Siri now recognizes hands-free commands to activate or deactivate Dark Mode.

Besides, Public Beta 5 also allows users to turn on or off the preview functions in the actions menu bar right below the content window.

Now moving onto the UI tweaks. With Public Beta 5, Apple changed the folders to appear more translucent than before. The LTE/4G/5G status icon also shrunk in size. Other than this, Apple also added new welcome screens to Photos and the App Store.

Because Apple doesn’t provide detailed changelogs for its iOS 13 Public Beta builds, the best alternative is the official patch notes for the iOS 13 Developer Beta 6.

The final version of iOS 13 will likely arrive in September alongside Apple’s 2019/2020 line of iPhones.

Via: Gadget Hacks