Kongregate launches new western-themed ‘Idle Frontier’ mobile game

Kongregate is launching a new mobile game from its San Diego, California-based development studio, Ultrabit, called Idle Frontier.

Idle Frontier draws on the popular ‘idle’ style game, where players set up tasks that run while the game isn’t open, such as constructing a building or creating a plane. Along with the ‘idle’ gameplay, Idle Frontier offers players a unique western theme where they can interact with a variety of characters like cowboys and settlers.

Additionally, the game features businesses like trading posts, general stores and dairy farms that players can interact with.

Idle Frontier

Idle Frontier boasts 80 characters, 20 businesses to build and 52 different towns (read: levels) with more planned in the future. Additionally, the game includes all four seasons, each with unique challenges players will have to navigate.

This won’t be Ultrabit’s first idle game. The studio previously developed Pocket Politics and Office Space: Idle Profits. Additionally, Kongregate has a history in the idle game genre, and published popular idle games AdVenture Capitalist and AdVenture Communist, which were both developed by Hyper Hippo Games.

Idle Frontier will be available on Google Play and the App Store starting today.