Google’s Android Q beta downloads don’t work right now

Trying to download the system image or OTA file leads to a 404, but there is a way around it

If you were looking to finally hop on the Android Q beta and see what Google is working on, well, you’ll have a hard time doing it today. The Android Developer website’s links to the system image and OTA file downloads are broken.

Typically, when you head over to the Android Developers website, you can pick the system image or OTA file for your device, click the link and accept the terms, then download the file. Currently, the links lead to a 404.

The outage seems to affect the Q beta at the moment, as Android Pie links are still up and running.

According to Android Police, the issue seems to be with the redirect after accepting the terms and conditions. However, when you’re on the 404 page, if you look at the URL, you’ll notice that after the ‘https://developer.android.com/dynamic_shared/’ section is another URL starting with ‘https://dl.google.com/developers/.’ If you copy that second URL and paste it, it’ll take you directly to the download.

Alternatively, you can sign up for the over-the-air download through the Android Beta Program, which will push the latest Q beta to your device.

Either of those methods should suffice until Google fixes things. The Android Developers site has been down all day so far, so it should be fixed soon.

Source: Android Police